Young dark mage, student at magic school at Arkaba’s Star. Appearance and description: Young dark mage obsessed with finding “the right man of her life”. She spend whole childhood finding a new father (with objections of her mother), and after growing up, she replaced this activity with a search for a boyfriend. …

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Young half-breed mage, scholar rather than a warrior. Appearance and description: Taranis is nice kind boy and he is total looser when it comes to asking for a date. He is a Sennah’s (younger) twin. Nice hardworking boy, who wants to prove out. However, he is too shy and his damaged self-confidence …

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Young half-breed dark battle mage. The older one from twins. Daughter of  sovereign of Arkaba’s Star. Appearance and description: An over-confident battle mage. Her hobbies are travelling, weapons and beating misogynists. Young half-breed that seeks to be the roughest and most attractive dark combat mage in a Arkaba’s Star or around the …

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The full name given to this continent by elves is Kierthsilthrim, shortened by Imperials to Kierth. By Kierthans is Kierth called “the old continent”. Climate Kierth is large continent, lies mainly in the temperate climate zones. At the North there are regions of tundra and taiga, sparsely populated by half-wild …

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Elsia wars – legend

Elven legends of arrival of the first into a nameless world borrowed from royal libary of laweren Begining of Elsia wars, 1809 CE The generous hospitality with which humans tribes embraced nations of elsia into their homes could not remain unrewarded. And so the grateful nobles of Elsia offered their …

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The Second Cup of Coffee

360 CE, Arkaba’s Star. Familily Morning   Characters Dalmayr, Sennah, Taranis Related terms Coffee Arkaba’s Star Magic school

The Only Chance

The story happens in the late sixties of the fourth century CE, at Arkaba’s Star The story itself is listed with the legend of founding elsia’s kingdom. Previous comics: Bandits Characters Main: Sennah, Natali, Taranis Minor: Related: Related terms Arkaba’s Star


The second judge of Arkaba’s Star and the headmaster of magic school. Appearance and description: Very tall, very strong, great mage, teacher and commander. Dalmayr’s friend. (Kind of). It is said that he is demon from the North. It’s nonsense. Demons can not be so ferocious and dangerous. Lex sex: …

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Elsia from Mirheim – born in Aladena, dark mage and sovereign of Arkaba’s Star Appearance and description: An elven brat who wears only black ’cause he’s a dark mage. He likes cats and coffee. Among other things he is adragon, a former apprentice of Arglin and also of Vallas, the …

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