Elven legends of arrival of the first into a nameless world

Borrowed from royal libary of Laweren 

Arrival of elsias, 1810 CE

Gate to the old world is opening at the teritory of future Laweren, 1810 CE
My brothers and sisters, the nation of Mine! The shining gate to our homeworld is closed. There is no return for our kind. My soul is dying with sorrow, just as yours are, because the land of our hearts, Estheria eternal, is lost forever. Deep in my soul, I feel a certain relief, though. We have elueded our enemies drom the ranks of the sarch, cruel creatures of spider origins, and finally we can lay down our arms.
The Creator, the being of kidness, who has always kept his hand above us, gives us the favour of fortune to glimpse our chance to live a new life and snatch id from the claws of darkness. Now is the time to turn our backs to unfortunate past and step sahead with ease witch can be given only by hope. Go and build us a new home!

– The lost first and last king of Mirheim

First contact elsias and humans, late 1810 CE

They they offered us their hospitality, the generous sons and daughters of the human nation. So we, who came into their world, found new friends, new land and happiness for the new life that we ought to begin. Celebrate and rejoice, all nations of elves, drink a feast for the glory and honor of our friends.

– The lost first and last king of Mirheim

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