story2The story happens in the late sixties of the fourth century CE, in the foothills of The Fiery Mountains. Mortifer and Salm are travelling through forest to Askelata

The story itself is listed with the legend of first contact between elsias and humans.

Plot (spoiler)

Salm and Mortifer was travelling to Askelata. Salm was trying to start some conversation, but Mortifer wasn’t very talkative. On the way they had met imperial soliders, so Mortifer hid himself. Soliders was talking with Salm about bandits in this forests.
Later that evening Salm explained to Mortifer some facts about Empire, Assassin Guild and so on.
After that someone came to their camp – the bandits. They wanted to kill Salm and steal Agrol’s body (to grab the money). But Mortifer killed (almost) them all. (Some of them was killed by Salm, only one was able to run away and warn the others.)
Mortifer insisted to find the rest of bandit’s group, because bandits in ther camp was talking about some woman.
It wasn’t too difficult to find the rest of group, or even to kill them.
After that, Mortifer found a girl in bandit’s shelter.
Mortifer and Salm took the girl with themselves. They want do give the girl to the first Imperial soliders they will meet, but the girl told them hers storry: Empire soliders killed her parents, ’cause her father was an elsia an her mother was a human. And it is not allowed in the Empire’.
So, the girl stayed with Salm and Mortifer, for the time being.

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Main: Mortifer, Salm
Minor: Nyara
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