Elsia from Mirheim – born in Aladena, dark mage and sovereign of Arkaba’s Star

Appearance and description:
An elven brat who wears only black ’cause he’s a dark mage. He likes cats and coffee. Among other things he is adragon, a former apprentice of Arglin and also of Vallas, the carrier of the The Dark One and servant of the The Creator. One of the main villains and stuff like that. A half of the female students og magic from the Arkaba’s Star is infinitely in love with him, the other half is in love with him within reasonable limits. (And the male students dislike him thanks to this.)
He has a scar on the left cheek.

Performs in the stories

The Second Cup of Coffee

The Second Cup of Coffee
Characters Dalmayr, Sennah, Taranis

Dalmayr Ir’Loth


sex: male
race: gilnea
year of birth: 253 AC
hair color: black
eye color: green

Elnerida – mother
Amalthris Saelrin – father
Iaron Ir’Loth – stepfather
Naethos – brother

Ariana Salioris – wife
Sennah Ir’Loth – daughter
Taranis Ir’Loth – son

Other - spoiler

Iaron Ir’Loth – son


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