Warrior and fiery mage, living in exile in the Empire

Appearance and description:
Faerias is a legendary fire mage, an outcast banished to the Empire for “having an affair with a dark elf mistress”. (Actually he was cast out as a result of power struggle within his family.) He is a troublemaker, so he ended up imprisoned there too.

There are local urban legend in the foothills of the Fiery Mountains about Faeriass kids: every red-haired, elven ancestry child is Faerias’ bastard. Even when the child is born hundred years after Faerias went to exile. It makes perferkt sense.

Faerias Kernadeel

Faerias Kernadeel

sex: male
race: ariar
year of birth: ?
hair color: red
eye color: red

Afias (illegitimate son, supposedly)

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