The most famous adventurer on Kierth

Appearance and description:
A living legend. He goes from adventure to adventure. He hunts the undead, especially vampires. For the job rarely takes money. It’s what is called an honest hero.
But to be a famous hero means that he is constantly chasing by groupies.

Khandarleii family is famous arms manufacturers and Faeron promotes his fathers weapons with his heroic acts.

Faeron Khandarleii

Faeron Khandarleii

sex: male
race: ariar
year of birth: 194 CE
hair color: red
eye color: green

Tanathen Khandarleii – father
Denethris Khandarleii – mother
Naithas Khandarleii – brother
Vendris Khandarleii – brother
Tallia Khandarleii – sister
Caedris Khandarleii – brother


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