What is Aeltarnen?

Aeltarnen are among the oldest Czech origin comics. Currently, you can read two comics from the world of Aeltarnen (and more are planned).
Actualy, there are many stories of this world and is known to a few hundred characters (and it’s own history, mythology, Geography and so on). But don’t worry, it’s absolutly no necessary to known all of them, you can enjoy comics without even known their names. All characters, whose are important for the story or the world, you can find at this wikipedia.
Aeltarnen briefly be described as a dark fantasy comics with a large dose of black humor.
Also, aeltarnen means half-breed tarnen.

What is wiki Aeltarnen?

Well, you are here now. Wiki is used (or should be used) as a database of characters, stories, mythology, history, and much more.
Wiki has an encyclopedic character and display an objective description of reality (reality of Aeltaren’s world. Not the reality, where you normaly live).

May I write articles for wiki or correct them?

Comes down to it. Contact us.

I can write a fanfiction, draw a fanart or otherwise involved?

Of course. Look at Main Page for links and basic contacts.
Fell free to use #Aeltarnen.

What … means?

Has it item in glosary (and the article still dotesn’t exists)? Or it isn’t even in the glossary? Well, contact us.

Why is comic increasing do slowly and why is this wiki almost empty?

Author of the comic works and studies, main editor of wiki works. We don’t have excess of time and comics is just hobby.

Why is this wiki written with such horrible language?

Most of wiki is written by Kapybara. Kapybara speak-english-no-good. And look at the paws of capybara. It’s difficult to write with this paws.

I found a mistake on the wiki; there are corrupted link somwhere, or there are some other error; I have something else to say.

Contact us. Find links at the main page.
Comments on wiki you can write directly to z.kabka(at)gmail(dot)com

Who is to blame for all this?

The author of the comic, world, web, and virtually all is Lysandra
Main author of wiki is Kapybara

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