Forsaken in a New World

story1The story happens in the late sixties of the fourth century CE, in the foothills of The Fiery Mountains. Mortifer starts his story in a new world without memories of the past.

The story itself is listed with the legend of the arrival of elsias to the new world, which happend more than two thousand years ago.

Plot (spoiler)

The story starts when badly hurt and hungry aeltarnen arrived to the town. He was trying to be hidden, because people are usually hostile and fear tarnen.
Unfortunately, kids had seen him. They was quite frighten, and run to find adults. But when the adults run to find tarnen slaver, there was no one. Aeltarnen hid in the shack.
But in the shack aeltarnen wasn’t alone; Salm, the Assassin Guild member was there already. Salm wasn’t happy to see tarnen in town, he was affraid that tarnen could startle his prey. But the prey, Argol, wasn’t startled but attacked the aletarnen when he went to find food. (And some food was promised to him by adventurous children).
Argol thought that aeltarnen is Sharess, another Assassin Guild member who was send to kill him.
Well, aeltarnen wasn’t Sharess, but kill Argol anyway.
Salm come to see them then and told aeltarnen about Assassin Guild and bid a share from bounty for Argol’s head. Salm then offered to join him to travel to Askelata.
Salm, aeltarnen and Argol’s body on the cart start their journey to Askelata next morning.

There is another story – about aeltarnen first meetings with people as a aeltrarnen flashbacks after he wake up without memories.


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Main: Mortifer, Salm
Minor: Argol
Related: Sharess, The King of Elsia

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