The full name given to this continent by elves is Kierthsilthrim, shortened by Imperials to Kierth. By Kierthans is Kierth called “the old continent”.


Kierth is large continent, lies mainly in the temperate climate zones. At the North there are regions of tundra and taiga, sparsely populated by half-wild human tribes and demons. At the South you can find deserts and steppes.
The largest part of the continent consist of temperate broadleaf and mixed forest.


Kietrh (as all the world) was originally inhabited by humans. The begining of Magic War of ancestors started here about two thousand years before Imperial colonization of Kierth. It was the time when the new kind of magic was created from cooperation with demons, and people started to be independent to deities. Unfortunately, the revolution ended in bloodshed and broken planes of reality, so the more reasonable surviving nations moved to Saelnarin and Lenthrin.

After the wars was the land destroyed, the best mages died and lands were filled with demons and vermin from intermediate planes and other worlds.

About one hundred years later the elves entered this world as refugees from their own dying world called Esteria. They entered into middle Kierth, which has been the most broken part of the land and still is vulnerable to demon breakthrough, magic anomalies, etc. And after long fights with original human nations, they settled down and built nations of Laweren (middle Kierth), Aladena (west Kierth) and Mirheim (middle Kierth, but not that broken as Laweren’s lands).

The modern history started with arrival of first discovery ships from Saelnarin. It was also beginning of colonization of Kierth by Empire and beginning of other centuries of wars.


(The 4. century AD)

The west half of Kierth is ruled by The Empire. It’s border lays The Grey Mountains at the North, The Fiery Mountains and deserts at the South.
The east half of Kierth conzist of plenty of kingdoms, principality and other states. Most of borders with The Empire is shared with Askelata, Laweren and The Southern Kingdom.
Mirheim kingdom and primeval forest is situated in the middle of east half of Kierth.
At the East coast you can find (from North to South) Lias’ kingdom, Kingdom of laerin, Arkaba’s Star and Ralimion. Large island Compearl is situated south-east of Kierth.

Beneath the middle of the Kierth (mostly benealth the Laweren) there is the Shaekanaris, subterranean kingdom of tarnens.

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