Young dark mage, student at magic school at Arkaba’s Star.

Appearance and description:

Young dark mage obsessed with finding “the right man of her life”. She spend whole childhood finding a new father (with objections of her mother), and after growing up, she replaced this activity with a search for a boyfriend. (Complicating the search for a boyfriend is also that she is the granddaughter of Lex. No one waht to be a part of Lex’s family.)
Good friend with Taranis and Sennah

Performs in the stories

The only chance

The only chance
Main Characters Sennah, Taranis, Natali

Natali Juliavin


sex: female
race: human
year of birth: 353 AC
hair color: brown
eye color: blue

Kata Juliavin – mother
Lex – grandfather


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