Young king of Laweren.

Appearance and description:
Orim acceded to the throne when he was only 110 years old, in the 358 AC. (Elsia are recognized as adults at the age of 100). He’s a little bit childish. Captain of the palace guards and an advisor definitely-not-vampire Crispin profusely helps him with the governance of kingdom.

Even though Orim didn’t have any magical abilities, he was the cursed heir of Laweren. Due to a demonic spell he had to live in the exile until he reached adulthood. Then the spell killed his father and Orim was destined to claim the throne and fight against his younger brothers and the demon.

Orim Laweren


sex: male
race: gilnea
year of birth: 248 AC
hair color: brown
eye color: brown

Orimas Laweren – father
Ulnia Laweren – mother


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