Young half-breed dark battle mage. The older one from twins. Daughter of  sovereign of Arkaba’s Star.

Appearance and description:

An over-confident battle mage. Her hobbies are travelling, weapons and beating misogynists.

Young half-breed that seeks to be the roughest and most attractive dark combat mage in a Arkaba’s Star or around the world. Although it’s largely successful, she has hers weaknesses. One of them is that it lacks her vanished father.
She is the older one twins is how often reminds his brother and so he feels he has the right to decide everything and be responsible for everything.

Performs in the stories

The only chance

The only chance
Main Characters Sennah, Taranis, Natali

Sennah Ir’Loth


sex: female
race: aelelsia
year of birth: 353 AC
hair color: black
eye color: blue

Ariana Salioris – mother
Dalmayr Ir’Loth – father
Taranis Ir’Loth – twin brother

Other - spoiler

Iaron Ir’Loth – brother

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