Young half-breed mage, scholar rather than a warrior.

Appearance and description:

Taranis is nice kind boy and he is total looser when it comes to asking for a date. He is a Sennah’s (younger) twin. Nice hardworking boy, who wants to prove out. However, he is too shy and his damaged self-confidence doesn’t help either.
Despite low self-esteem he is a very good mage, a friend and capable young man.

Performs in the stories

The only chance

The only chance
Main Characters Sennah, Taranis, Natali

Taranis Ir’Loth


sex: male
race: aelelsia
year of birth: 353 AC
hair color: black
eye color: blue

Ariana Salioris – mother
Dalmayr Ir’Loth – father
Sennah Ir’Loth – twin sister

Other - spoiler

Iaron Ir’Loth – brother

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